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The DIRTcar Pro Sprint Car Division
Randy Hannagan testimonial about the Pro Sprint cars.
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Garrett Saunders on the track in a Pro Sprint car.
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What is the DIRTcar Pro-Sprint?

Sprint Car racing has been seeking an “entry level” introduction to winged sprint cars. Several very successful versions exist in parts of the world. DIRTcar Racing sanctions 125 tracks in North America and has answered the requests of tracks and teams to introduce the Chevy Performance engine in a winged sprint car application.

The basic car is exactly the same the World of Outlaws Sprint Cars use. Specified parts include the engine, ignition and fuel system, the shocks, the tires and offers a wing option.

Why now?

The weekly track industry is facing two main questions: 1. Where have all the race cars gone and 2. How can we regain the younger generation in racing? There are several schools of thought but the primary comment is “Costs have escalated beyond the budgets of many young families and race teams”. Racing has always been costly especially in the upper divisions, but it now has come down to entry level racing as well.

The DIRTcar Pro Sprint Division is one of the new cost containment options for the future of racing.

Why this car?

Winged sprint car racing events are the hottest racing programs in the country and many other countries as well. The Pro Sprint program will allow thousands of new and previous racers to get into this exciting form of motorsports. There are many different groups of mini and micro sprint cars that have younger generations of teams that have no real place to get sprint car experience.

Used sprint cars are readily available in the $4,500- $7,500 price range.

Why this engine?

The Chevy Performance 602 engine list price is in the $3,500 range. With the Chevy Performance 602 as a base, we can produce a complete engine package adapted for sprint cars for the $7,500- $8,500. With all the approved options this provides a real turnkey sprint car in the $12K – $15K range, about the cost of a good mini or micro sprint car.

The proven reliability the 602 engines and the reasonable price tag allows us to have a no rebuild policy that avoids all the politics encountered some crate and spec engine rebuild programs. There will be authorized repair centers set up.

How will these engines be policed?

The Chevy Performance 602 engine comes from the factory with a number of seal bolts used in construction. Pace Performance, the “Official Engine Supplier for 2016” adds 6 “Official DIRTcar” cable seals as well as a tape seal that contains a QR Code to track the engine serial numbers, cable and tape seal numbers that can be traced through a web site.

This reduces the amount of time track personnel have to spend on teching engines as it is all external.

We know, there will be attempts to bend the rules and even cheat the rules. Rule books cannot stop a cheater. However, with a single supplier program, approved stamped or decaled parts, a “NO REBUILD” policy, aggressive seals, it may assist the tracks in identifying the cheaters.

Where do I get an engine and what do they cost?
Pace Performance is the exclusive supplier of engines. Authorized UPFITTERS are also listed that can complete the assembly of the approved parts. The contact information is attached. Any approved DIRTcar repair facility can complete the engine as long as all components meet DIRTcar Pro Sprint guidelines.
What are the mandatory parts?
You may purchase this engine at any Chevy Performance Dealer, however, IT must be shipped to Pace Performance for the installation of these Mandatory Parts:
1. The Chevy Performance 602 engine.
2. Crate Innovations C11-21115 Crank Hub and Yoke Assembly.
3. Crate Innovations C11-BLK216 Carb Spacer and linkage.
  An approved DIRTcar UPFITTER must install these mandatory parts:
4. Crate Innovations #CII2001 or Bert # 372-NC-EXT balancer/drive hub.
5. MSD #8728 Soft Touch DIRTcar branded Rev Control is required with a 6,200 RPM chip installed.
6. Holley 750 CFM Classic HP Carburetor, Mechanical Secondary, Calibrated for methanol Part# 0-80535-1.
7. Chevrolet Performance installed HEI distributer and ignition is required. The distributor advance curve may be “LOCKED” all remaining parts must remain stock as manufactured.
8. Schoenfeld Headers part number-steel 1052LCM2 and 1022LCM2 headers are required. Collectors or modifications will not be permitted.
9. If required, the Schoenfeld (part # 63030) mufflers are required. Must remain unaltered from the manufacturer. The mufflers must remain attached to the headers at all times. All muffler and header components must remain intact and operating.
  An approved UPFITTER may install the following approved components:
10. 10. Rear cam drive installation (Cam drive spud installation is accepted).
11. HD Alum water pump.
12. Aluminum V groove pulley kit w/belts.
13. Fuel pump &Thermostat block off plates, water fittings.
14. Carburetor stud kit.
15. Bypass fuel regulator, Carburetor fittings w/ fuel log, Washable Air filter kit.
16. Pace/Moroso plug wire set.
17. NGK spark plugs.
18. Champ pan #CP106LTRB is approved. Pan may be used as a direct replacement. As chassis designs may vary by manufacturer, the factory-equipped oil pan may not have adequate ground clearance. Any replacement must be accomplished by a DIRTcar approved repair center and receive appropriate sealing and seal registration. Replacement brand oil pickup tube and pump are optional.
  Other MANDATORY Parts, installed by the end user:
19. Hoosier tires as outlined in rule book.
20. DIRTcar approved and DECALED Shocks.
What about The wing?
Cars may use a 5x4 standard flat wing with a 100 pound weight break.
Will there be a Championship and Point Funds?
• Our plan is to divide North American into nine regions. Drivers will compete for points within the region using a “best of” point system.
• Each Region will have a point fund distributing to the top three: $500, $300, $200
• Each Region top three will receive trophies
• A National Champion will be awarded from all participants with the Champion receiving $1000
• The National Champion will receive an appropriate trophy at the World Of Outlaws annual banquet.
• All regional and National Champions will receive a Premium Hoosier Champions Jacket.
Do I need to be a member?
All Participants will be required DIRTcar members. Members will receive the benefits of additional excess Participant Accident insurance of $50,000 at DIRTcar sanctioned events; Pit gate discounts at most weekly tracks and participation in the weekly and annual point system.
What Tracks is this car legal?
We are developing the track list at this time, the first year may be only a few, however, the interest is very high.
Who do I contact?
Approved Engine Suppliers: Approved Engine Up-fitters: (assembling the approved parts)
Pace Performance: (800) 748-3791
50 Karago
Boardman, OH 44512
Contact: John McDevitt (800) 748-3791
Don Blackshear Automotive (724) 977-7424
1111 Mercer Ave.
Hermitage, PA 16148
Contact: Don Blackshear blackshearracing@yahoo.com
Race 1: (330) 540-7223
Contact Brad Hibbard (330) 540-7223
Gaerte Racing Engines (765) 513- 4194
Contact: Joe Gaerte
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Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted at the front gate or the pit gate
and may be used to purchase tires and fuel.

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