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Pit Area General Rules
All cars will have to go through tech inspection for safety and rules compliance. However, it may be difficult for Plymouth Speedway officials to verify safety and rules compliance for ALL cars in attendance in one race night. Therefore, it is up to the driver to read and understand these rules and it is up to the driver to make sure his/her race car meets both safety and car rule specifications. Under no circumstance will Plymouth Speedway be held liable for a noncompliant race vehicle that has not been inspected.
1. Pit slabs are rented for the year. However, if your trailer rig is oversized, track officials reserve the right to park trailer rig where appropriate and safe.
2. Absolutely no speeding in the pit area. It is at the discretion of race officials to determine if a car is speeding in the pits. It is also at the discretion of race officials to determine if driver and car will be parked for the rest of the racing event or any future racing events.
  Speeding in the pits applies to all vehicles, including 4-wheeler, golf carts, et al.
3. All cars will line up for their race when called. Failure to line up when called will result in driver starting in the rear of their race.
4. No car will enter the racing surface from track exit. If car enters racing surface from exit, that car will be black flagged.
5. All line-ups will be posted at the pit tower. If driver is unable to start a race, please notify the pit steward ONLY within the pit tower. If driver wishes to start at the rear of any race, please notify the pit steward ONLY prior to the race event, preferably prior to heat races beginning. It is at the discretion of race officials if notification to start in rear is requested in time. Any car wishing to start in the rear or not in their designated starting position will receive passing points based upon their original posted starting position.
6. Any Driver or Crew member that enter the scoring tower during the nights racing program will be disqualified and loss of all money and points that night. Any questions or concerns about decisions made during any racing event, need to be conducted in a civil and professional manner. These concerns or questions can be brought to the race director's attention following the end of all racing events that evening. The race director and other officials will be available in the payout trailer office after the races.
For any questions on the Plymouth Speedway rules, please call Tech Director Mike Zielinski 1-(574) 532-7969
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